In the current fiscal year, we plan to add to our existing product portfolio by naturally extending our core strength of online advertising and trading. We plan to have our own social media platform to take our Web Advertising to the next level. We believe our social platform will provide our advertisers and clients to engage with their customers and help them build a long standing relationship to fuel future growth. Next in line is our E-commerce Web Store to serve generic and niche products and capitalize on the booming e-commerce and m-commerce market.

We are preparing the right eco system to launch our own crypto-currency called “Bixc”. This will act as an innovative payment solution to an array of businesses catering to different categories of products and services, especially focusing on few niche areas of great relevance to the current e-commerce world.

Initiation of development of the coin ecosystem to create multiple utilities of the coin for the coin holders.

Bixc Coin Ecosystem


Paying Mall

Launch of our E-commerce Market Place Store

Billionexworld Trading Platform


Launch of social networking forum, Hangabit


International Debit Card

Issuance of Billionex World international debit card for easy access to your fund at any ATM across the globe

Global Exchanges

Listing of Bixc on different exchanges Globally

Milestone of 1 million clients in by end of 2017.