I do hope you are making the best of this Spring and having a great family time. Of course its Summer for many of you and winter for all our friends from Down Under. Nevertheless, I do hope that you are having a great time.
It’s great to be back to real business after a short interlude before the mega launch of the core Billionex World business.

I have some very exciting news to share with you today. It is something we all have been waiting for more than a year now. A phase in the Billionex World Opportunity Life Cycle which we all have been working for……….Finally, we have reached a point where we can execute our next phase of growth by employing our most potent weapon in the form of Digital Currency – the BixC.

The first year has been a pre launch phase for us where we have been able to create network in more than 20 countries. The second year has marked the launch of our crypto currency- BixC. Henceforth, the complete business model will revolve to create the right business environment and ecosystem for BixC. Let us all be very clear that a strong digital currency will lead us to ultimate freedom. BixC is the ultimate crypto currency by the community and for the community. In its prosperity lies your success and empowerment. So let’s talk BixC!

Combined with the power of network we now have the crypto advantage. Let’s unleash our new set of packages – “BixC Staking Packages” backed by ‘Staking Reward Plan’ in lieu of revenue sharing plan. This is in addition to the existing ‘Revshare Packages’ and is totally complementary to the current plan. However, as an organization and as a combined team we need to be promoting the new ‘ BixC Staking Plan’ hard and aggressively because it will lay the foundation to enhance the value and price of BixC fundamentally in the open market. It will help us create the foundation for evolving the ecosystem by allowing online merchants, service providers and POS to start accepting BixC as their payment solution.

The BixC Staking Reward Plan will provide further stablity and sustainability to the business plan and help our affiliates build a long standing career with Billionex World for years to come. We will soon have the new packages and the Staking Reward Plan uploaded in your back office – pdf and video.

The BixC Staking Reward Plan comes into force on the 6th of May, 2017. So get set guys and get your team ready to capitalize on the new launch to the fullest. The new packages and plan is path breaking and totally new. Not only does an everyday person gets a level playing field to profit from the booming cryptocurrency industry but he gets an opportunity to participate in the evolution of the digital asset and reap long term rewards as well. To top it all, the plan pays and rewards the affiliate to the best of their efforts. So you need to update yourself and prepare your team for the quick fire launch on Saturday – the 6th of May, 2017.

We will have a series of email, Social media posts, Pop-up in the back office and webinars to help you educate and understand the massive potential of this new offering.
Tomorrow, ie the 5th of May, we are having 2 webinars to give you full explanation of the new plan. Tune in to those sessions and prepare yourself for this massive opportunity.

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