Facebook Ads

Facebook Ads

Facts You Need to Know

Despite all the talk you might hear about Facebook ads not working (usually from people who gave up after a couple tries), the fact is that all of the major online entrepreneurs and digital marketers use Facebook ads. Facebook remains the single most attractive advertising opportunity in terms of native ad presentation, targeting, demographic data, active users, and a host of other factors.

  • There are currently almost 1.8 billion monthly active Facebook users.
  • There are almost 1.2 billion daily logins.
  • 5 new profiles are created every second.
  • More than 40% of marketers report that Facebook is a critical part of their business.

The question is, how do you make it work for you?

What is in this program

Facebook can be an excellent resource for your business. The key to avoiding the fate of so many naysayers is to start small, test different variations, adjust accordingly, and scale upwards. This guide has given you an excellent path forward, but it won’t mean anything if you set down this book and don’t implement what you learned. Start applying the steps of this battle plan today:

Step 1: Determine your goals ahead of time.

Step 2: Set up your business page and ad account if you haven’t already.

Step 3: Create your campaign and ad set with specific targeting.

Step 4: Create your ad image and text.

Step 5: Clone the ad set and experiment with a few variations of format, image, copy, and targeting.

Step 6: Analyze your results and optimize accordingly.

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