Bonus Creation

Why Bonuses?

Vendor Bonuses

If you are a product vendor, then you probably already know why you need bonuses. Bonuses are an excellent way to increase the perceived value of your product or offer. They also can significantly increase your conversion rates. Many of your buyers, no matter how good your product is, are sitting on the fence waiting for one last nudge towards becoming a customer. Bonuses can often be this difference between a buyer and a page abandoner. Then there are also those people who absolutely love the bonuses for the bonuses’ sake and will actually judge your product based on the number of bonuses. So, making sure you have a good amount of attractive bonuses can go a long way towards maximizing your sales.

Finally, there is another, much less talked about, advantage of bonuses. They act as an excellent form of “collateral” that you can offer in your guarantee statement. Very few sellers do this, but it is incredibly effective and maximizes the amount of trust you can gain with potential buyers. Basically, what you do is you offer your standard guarantee, such as a 30-day money back guarantee, but then you state that you are going to “go above and beyond” and “reverse the risk”. In this second part of your guarantee you are going to promise that the buyers, upon requesting a refund, will even get to keep the bonuses. If you have appraised the dollar value of these bonuses at, for example, $500, then you can pitch it as a “100% money back PLUS $500 value back guarantee”. You might be asking “won’t that just encourage people to buy with the full intention of requesting a refund just to get the bonuses for free?” The answer is YES. But, more importantly, the amount of people who will now buy the product, and otherwise would not have, far outweighs the number of “professional refunders” you will attract.

Affiliate Bonuses

You may be asking yourself, why should affiliates bother with bonuses at all? Isn’t that the vendor’s responsibility?

Well, that might make sense if you want to be on the same even ground as all the other affiliates competing to make the sale with their affiliate link. But is that really what you want? Of course not! You want to be way out in the front. And it’s been proven that offering bonuses as an affiliate can 5X your affiliate sales.
You need to give your audience a reason to use YOUR affiliate link instead of somebody else’s. This is especially the case these days when people’s inboxes are full of dozens of marketers pitching the same product to them. What is there to set you apart from the rest? Bonuses. That’s literally it. Unless the buyer is your best buddy, all they really care about is which option gives them the most value. And rightfully so!

So the way this works is you create a quick and easy landing page, add bonuses to it and right at the top you tell them, grab all the bonuses on this page when you purchase “product x” via my link.

But you can’t just slap a bunch of bonuses on that page and expect them to buy through your link. You’ve got to do it in a way that makes sense in relation to the product you’re promoting and that is what we’ll be covering next.

What is in this program

Step 1: Determine where you’ll be curating your bonus content.

Step 2: Select bonus content that meets the three big criteria: relevance, utility, and value.

Step 3: Review the inside of your bonus content to ensure it meets minimum quality standards.

Step 4: Use the instructions above to produce a gorgeous representation of your bonus materials.

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