Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing

Choosing an Affiliate Market Place

This course focuses on aggressively leveraging the power of YouTube to make affiliate sales. Our goal will be to establish a working affiliate apparatus and to make it profitable in as little time as possible.

If you’ve been looking at affiliate marketing for a while you’ve probably noticed that YouTube is packed with affiliate reviews of all sorts of products. Some of them are webcam talking head videos, some are selfie videos shot with a phone while taking a walk, some are impressive semi-professional videos with people behind a counter or sitting on a couch with a physical product in front of them on a coffee table, and some are basic screencast videos. And then there are even the super cheap ones that consist only of photos and text or slideshows. All of them have the same basic conclusion: “click the link below to learn more”. Of course, that link is an affiliate link, and every time someone clicks it and eventually buys a product (even if it’s a few days later, thanks to cookies), the person who made that video gets paid a commission. That’s where we want you.

Why Video?

So why video? There’s a few reasons. First: videos are more readily consumed these days than text content. People would much rather get the info they need quickly by listening and watching than by having to read. Plus, video is easier for you. Review websites and blogs simply take too much time and effort. You’ve got to continuously create and add textual content, proofread it, and SEO optimize all of it. And good luck getting it ranked in the search engines. In today’s world, if you’re not on page one (or maybe 2) of google, you’re not going to get seen. For video sites like YouTube, Vimeo, and Dailymotion, on the other hand, you don’t need to appear on the front page. You’ll be seen in the “related videos” side bar of other similar videos. This is why it’s so easy for even newbies to start seeing progress on YouTube, because everyone is constantly going from one video to the next and clicking on the related video results.

Why YouTube?

Now there are a handful of major video sites out there, but we’re focusing on YouTube for the following reasons: YouTube has over a billion users – more than a third of the world’s internet users! More importantly, those figures aren’t remaining static. Watch time increases by 50% every year and the number of people using the site increases about 40% every year. Clearly, if you want to be seen, YouTube is the place to be!

Now that we understand why we’re using video marketing, let’s have a look at what we’ll be learning in this course:

Chapter 1 covers affiliate networks or marketplaces. We’ll be talking about how to choose and get setup with the affiliate market place that’s right for you.

Chapter 2 is all about choosing a product. We’ll identify ways to identify which products will perform best for you.

Chapter 3 is going to talk about the traffic method, namely the YouTube videos and how to use them effectively.

Chapter 4 is where we’ll establish your battle plan and figure out how to implement what you’ve learned.

So, if you’re ready let’s dive into choosing an affiliate market place.

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