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Stuart Trusty


Mr. Stuart Trusty is the Chief Executive Officer of Billionaire Ventures Limited. Mr. Trusty is an expert in high-performance computing (HPC) and super computing solutions since 2000, with a present focus of leveraging this technology in GPU-based crypto currency mining.

Mr. Trusty has placed two supercomputers on the Top 500 Supercomputers roster, and his clients have included American Museum of Natural History, Livermore National Labs, Wyeth Pharmaceuticals, and an array of other top US universities and classified US Military installations, serviced from the industry-grade data center he owned and operated in Atlanta, USA.

Prior to joining Billionaire Venture Limited Mr. Trusty served on various executive positions for 17 years.

He produced a custom Linux-based cluster operating system in partnership with Los Alamos National Labs as well as the first global shared memory application for Linux clusters using the Dolphinics high-speed network adapters. Mr. Trusty produced the national website for the government of The Dominican Republic, and has consulted in China and Russia on computing installations.  Mr. Trusty was founding technologist for Jack Ma Yun (Chairman, Alibaba) and trained him on the Internet from his original Internet Service Provider (ISP) Virtual Broadcast Network in 1994.

Mr. Trusty looks forward to utilizing his skills and experience to assist Billionaire Ventures Limited in entering the arena of crypto currency, E- commerce and digital products on the world stage.

Shadma Malik