Billionaire Traders Portfolio Management was born in 2007, California, USA. The company was an international wealth management group that offered individuals and groups the opportunity to profit from exciting and lucrative arena of Forex, Stock and Commodity Trading.

In the year 2013, the company could not resist to venture into the exciting world of crypto currencies. The increasing popularity of bitcoin and evolution of multiple crypto currencies backed by growing number of exchanges to trade the different coins provided the conducive environment for company to make a shift towards this sector.
Billionaire Traders portfolio management generated massive results for its clients in a very short time frames. Subsequently company started extensive research and training in this arena.


Starting of Cryptocurrency

Company started with cryptocurrencies mining with third party collaboration in different countries

Birth of Billionaire Venture Limited

Billionaire Traders Portfolio Management got registered as Billionaire Venture Limited in Republic of Seychelles, Africa as Online Direct Selling company


Bix coin got listed on exchanges